This group of paintings depict landscapes that are populated by a series of anthropomorphic characters who dwell on tree branches or in other similarly bucolic places. The subject of the paintings is really the goings on between the characters while the locations I chose purely for the pleasure of painting landscape.


On a personal level the characters in these paintings stem from the decision making process and mental wanderings that would occur while I was making the large scale installations that took up most of my time in the period of 1999 – 2003. These installations were largely devoid of any prominent figure references and so I was constantly imagining these possible inhabitants and their interactions within the installations. In a lighthearted way each of these characters represents a step in the chain of decisions that leads to a finished work.


On another level I think it might be difficult not to relate these figures, albeit remotely, to some of the news topics we see every day, whether because of hooded robes or political animals. As I began this series in 2002 some of these possible readings crossed my mind but my thoughts at that time were really with Goya and some of his Capricho prints, as well as with Guston. I hope that the real focus of this work is the atemporal politics of social relationships and interactions.

The Wrong Side of Town | 2004

The Wrong Side of Town | Installation View
The Wrong Side of Town | Installation View
The Wrong Side of Town
The End of the Empire
Indian River