A site-specific mural on glass for the façade of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza, Spain - 2017

The work was painted on large acrylic glass panels that were subsequently installed on the interior of the existing glass façade.

Taking as a point of departure the idea of a cloister screen as a filter and modulator of light, Woods intersects it with an intensely personal, informed view of the Balearic landscape. Subtle historical references serve as metaphors for the decadence and Dionysian nature of the island’s renowned club culture. Noting the island’s importance in bird migration routes, the artist draws a corollary between its chimerical human nocturnal activity and the fowl that emerge from within the foliage of the painted landscape.

The mural adds an iconographic identity to the hotel entrance, visible from both the outside and inside of the building. Due to the sillhouetted, interior-exterior duality of the work it changes dramatically in differing light conditions: from day to night; from inside to out. 

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